How too whatsapp from The netherlands too the VS?

I meet a girl and she lives in the VS, i have her number and she can whatsapp on her Ipad.
I want too whatsapp her by my samsung galaxy S and she have my number.
But we dont know how too let it work because when i give my number 316523…… (international?) then she cant contact me :(

Can somebody help us? Thanks a lot ( You can send me a email that would be GREAT<3)

3 thoughts on “How too whatsapp from The netherlands too the VS?

  1. Yolo

    Question: can u give ur email to get the code

  2. Michel

    Hi Jeroen, next time you can ask your questions on the .nl in Dutch. This might be easier.

    Your number is +316… make sure your girl adds the plus sign (or double zero)

    For your galaxy: sla haar nummer op op je telefoon met de landcode van amerika. Met een plus ervoor (en als dat niet werkt kun je in plaats van de plus, dubbel nul doen 00316 (maar probeer eerst met plus). Daarna whatsapp openen, naar je whatsapp contactlijst , daar instellingen, optie Contacten vernieuwen en dan zal je haar erbij moeten zien staan.

    If it’s still not working you can send a regular text (sms) so you can see if you’re both using the correct number format. Saying that, I remember that your girl is using ipad. Officially WhatsApp doesn’t support tablets, so I’m not sure if international will work.

    Let us know if this was any help and good luck (also with the lady ;) )


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