Hiding blocked contacs functionality?

There is something I want to understand. Why we are unable to hide blocked contacts? For example I have a friend who has 3 phone numbers. On all of them he used to have whatsapp but kept it only on one line. In whatsapp contact list all three numbers are listed as a result. I had to block two of them just to have them off my way.

Or another dozen of friends who registered at whatsapp but uninstalled it. They still show up as valid contacts in contact list. Again I had to block them, just to have them off the way. Now why I cant hide blocked contacts? Is it so difficult to introduce such a simple functionality????

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  1. ANONY


  2. sanjay

    i want to hide permantly blocked number list nobody can check my blocked no list please advice mi please

    whatsup prayvicy blocked list is parmntly delet

  3. sanjay

    i want to hide permantly blocked number list nobody can check my blocked no list please advice mi please

  4. Saman

    How do i hide my block list please let me knw

  5. Saman

    How to hide block list from whtsapp help me out please

  6. jeet

    I want to hide permanently
    blocked number list.
    So nobody can check my blocked
    number list. Please advice. It’s a
    serious matter for me.

  7. Rupesh chaurasiya

    Please WhatsApp app answer me as soon as possible how can I hide blocklist contact so no one can check it out that these people are blocked,help me

  8. Anonymous

    Please whatsapp team or anyone here. Help me. I read that deleting the account and reinstaling will clear the list of blocked people but they will be unblocked. This isnt a solution!! HELP!!! IM DESPERATE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    I want to hide blocked contact list too! Please whatsapp, help me! Its a matter of life or death! I need your help to do this so bad! Im so desperate! Please! Please! Please!

  10. Junaid

    I want to hide permanently blocked number list.
    So nobody can check my blocked number list. Please advice. It’s a serious matter for me.

  11. Anonymous

    Thats my problem too so badly

  12. Anonymous

    TOTAL BS I want to totally delete the number, I don’t want the psycho messaging me also don’t want my gf finding the number

  13. Dana

    I am trying to do the same as everyone else delete blocked list without having the persons message me…i dont understand why it is listed and when u delete the app and installed back they are unblock i want the block list hiden and removed from my whatsapp please can someone please help.

  14. Rhoda Toweel

    I have read a number of comments with no solutions. Can anybody at what’s app assist us please. So many people r asking for the same thing. We do not want to see our blocked contacts…thts the whole idea of blocking them. Is there any way tht an option can b available to the public so tht we no longer have to see our blocked contacts.

  15. Html

    If I want to unblock those contact then what should I do?

  16. Anonymous

    woooow it worked for me thnxs

  17. Mirza

    yes mithun it works thanks for ur very valulable post.

  18. Anonymous

    No that’s not possible. Otherwise you can’t unblock them (if you want in future)

  19. shailo88

    Is it possible to hide your allready blocked contacts that shows when you go to (privacy / blocked contacts) ? Like so you won’t be able to see who you have blocked I don’t want to see all the people ive blocked it is an endless list can I not hide it so my blocked contacts apear empty?

  20. mithun

    hey..at last i got a way…
    first u block the number what u want…and delete that contact from ur phone..
    so in block list it will show that number what u have blocked…
    if u want to remove that number from there too…
    just delete ur account once from settings..and reinstall by giving your same number again..
    now when u look ur whats app blocked list..u cant see any numbers..
    i think this is the only way to delete contacts from blocked list.

  21. Dari

    Here is the deal, I have people who spoke to me on what’s app. I don’t have them saved on my phone, but apparently they do. It’s how they spoke to me, I blocked them and now they are shown on my blocked List, Even though I don’t have them as contacts on my phone. I only see numbers and it is annoying since there are people who advertise and such on What’s app I want them permanently removed not just blocked! how would I be able to do that if you keep them on a blocked list “EVEN THOUGH I DON’T HAVE THEM SAVED ON MY CONTACTS” now tell me how is it possible to remove them?

  22. unique alina khan

    Plzz I want to hide my block list soo I want n option plzz give the option to hide my block list

  23. Jimmy

    I have a list of blocked contacts and i want to hide them or delete them off the list because i no longer want to see the numbers on my blocked list but if i try removing them they will be unblocked.Now is it possible to remove the contacts and still have them blocked.if its possible how how is it done?

  24. Ravindra

    hiding blocked contact option should be there.

  25. Peter

    No…. asking all friends who used whatsapp but uninstalled it without deleting an account to go and delete it, is a laborous task.

    Ok, when I block someone the name still appears on the lisr, but you cant send a message to them by mistake, and the name will be shaded. Now, why not going one step ahead and allowing to hide the blocked contacts. It is such a simple task…

  26. Mart

    True… they also seem not to care much about their windows phone users, still no word on the disappearance, their customer care is just ridiculous.

    Back on topic, basically WhatsApp sees these accounts as active. Once verified and without deleting the account, an account will still show up as valid/active, despite the fact it has been removed. Your friend should install whatsapp and use the option DELETE account. Should… should… Let me say, that’s the solution.

    But when you block an account, this is still visable in ur list, yeah?

  27. Peter

    No… the numbers are active…but he uninstalled whatsapp from them without removing accounts. He has only one active account and I had to block the rest so that I will not send anything there by mistake.

    Now why I cant hide the blocked accounts? I wrote whatsapp support many times but they cant care less…

  28. Mart

    Don’t know, but regarding your first example. WhatsApp checks your phone list, so if this person doesn’t remove his/her account then it’s easy: these are still valid whatsapp accounts. Only removing the inactive numbers from your phonelist should be the solution.

    The other one, have you refreshed your whatsapp contactlist? Those contacts shouldn’t show up anymore.

    I agree, it’s odd that you can’t remove people without blocking them

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