Groups with several Admins

Hi. I have one small question.
We have created a group for people in my work.
The problem is that the admin of the group don't have the phone number of all the people who would be ready to join.
My question is.. do you kwno if there is any way to name several admins so each one can add new members from their contacts to the group?
Thanks and regards.

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  1. Anupam Yadav

    0ls add any grp

  2. Dksingh

    Please add me. 9010197474

  3. Anonymous

    Using whatsapp plus latest version ….. Group admin can make group members as admins ….. So there can be more than one admin in a group

  4. Steve Schmankowitz

    This is not really a “multiple admin” workaround, but if the problem is just adding contacts, start a new message, use the attachments function to add a contact to the message from your phone contact list. Address the message to the group admin and ask them to add the contact from the message to the group. Anyone in the group that does not have the new contact number (including the admin) can simply add the number to their own telephone contact list from the Whatsapp group chat message.


    Yes multiple admins please whats app

  6. August 2014

    Searched on Google “how to add Multiple group admins on Whatsapp”

    Sad that after two years, this customer feedback hasn’t been coded into the app’s modifications. Is it very complex to write?

    One suggested modification was to give the Primary Group Admin the menu option to nominate other people from the group as either joint primary group admin or as secondary group admin.

    From reading forums it seems that if my group administrator removes herself from the group, then whatsapp as an app can nominate a new group admin at complete random.

    admin the allow the only current admins to promote others as ADMINS.

  7. Chirag Patel

    i thing it is one type of BUG need to solved it. it’s make more user friendly

  8. Siba

    i would be very happy if the group members of whatsapp could be extended. the max is 50 which is small for all my groups. esp students on campus

  9. Raunaq

    I need to add another admin (apart from me) since this is an alumni group and we’re all connected but no one person has everyone’s numbers.

  10. KIRAN

    HEY i have created a group and i cant remove members in it. If i remove also its says removing and still it shows that member in that group. Any 1 has the solution

  11. Buku

    Multiple group admins should be added in Whatsapp. It will make it more user friendly.
    Its really needed when the group is building up to add more people currently onus lies only on one Admin who started the group chat which makes lit bit tough for that poor guy.
    One suggestion allow the only current admins to promote others as ADMINS.

  12. smarty

    Yes we can change the group admin of our choice
    If u want

  13. simbarashe mhondiwa

    iam enjoying whatsapp in zimbabwe. I have created many groups and i am chatting with many friends, church members, workmates and friends.

  14. Subhrasankha

    Multiple group admins should be added in Whatsapp. It will make it more user friendly.

  15. The joker

    Unfortunately that’s not possible, but it sounds good…

    The only way for the admin is to add them to his/her phone list.

    Or someone else can start a new group off course.

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