getting back into group I created

Hey I created a group on whatsapp and even added my friends to it. But sadly i exited the group by mistake. How cab I get back into the group??

5 thoughts on “getting back into group I created

  1. Harold

    Ask the new group owner to add you again. You can’t do this yourself (unless you create a new group with same people)

  2. adedamola john o

    how can i join back the group i created which i remove myself accidentally

  3. Norig

    No other solution than creating new group and invite all members again.

  4. Bijay

    I had created a group which I deleted accidentally and now the group seems to be active but other members are not able to add me to it, what is the solution?

  5. Hezz

    Then the whole group is removed isn’t it? As the option says “exit & remove group”

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