friends profile pics are gets removed

I have cleared cache data also uninstalled and installed whatsapp n no of times but still not able to see half of friends display pic plz help me

2 thoughts on “friends profile pics are gets removed

  1. summi

    this is so bad>………….. my friends display pics are removed ….. i chat with them regularly so then y its removed…………. i don’t agree with a statement that if u are active with friends den only u can see there display pic it wrong there is some other problem with whatsapp

  2. Anonymous

    Dear all… Most appropriate ans is :-
    you are only able to see the profile pic of that people who have active chat with you…. it doesn’t matter that they have your no in there’s phone book or not…. if you are actively involved in chatting with your friends then only you are able to see their profile pics….
    By – Whatsapp Developer INDIA.

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