forgotten password

how can i unlock the password set in whatsapp, which i have forgotten ?

30 thoughts on “forgotten password

  1. amberish yadav

    I have forgotten my watsapp password

  2. himanshu bhusham

    Whatsapp is not playing.please start whatsapp.

  3. ogba Sopuruchi


  4. Michael

    You probably didn’t provide a recovery email, otherwise, simply use the forgot pin option in whatsapp.

    If you didn’t setup a recovery email, you can’t reverify within 7 days. Only after 7 days your number can be verified again without your pin/password, but you will lose all pending messages.

  5. lucy

    please help me update my whatsapp i forgot my password.



  7. Bongiwr Mdletshe

    I also forgotten my whatsapp password

  8. Paul Armah

    I have forgotten my whatsapp password

  9. Percita Barbie

    I don’t know my whatsapp two step verification code

  10. mxolisi

    Mxolisi Gama

    I fogort my whats app password

  11. sarah

    Forgotten password how do I reset it please

  12. Gheli

    I forget my password

  13. mlungisi

    Forgotten password

  14. sekgalo

    i forget my password please help me

  15. John

    I have forgotten my current password to update my WhatsApp account.

  16. Jason

    I have forgotten password to update my whatsapp account

  17. Jason

    I forgot my pastword to update my whatsaap

  18. veenashiva

    I forgot my password of whatsup

  19. veenashiva

    Forgotten my password

  20. luchrisa

    Can’t sign in to update my whatsapp because I forgot my current password

  21. t

    I forget my whatsapp password I need help

  22. Sandra

    I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

  23. fozia

    Help me for my password pls.i want reactivate my whatsaap

  24. service

    Icant remember my password

  25. Usengumuremyi Pierre

    I have forgotten my password to update my whatsapp account

  26. Neelu gupta

    Do help for my WhatsApp updation

  27. Neelu gupta

    I forgot my WhatsApp password for update the new verification

  28. Neelu gupta

    I forgot my password regarding update WhatsApp

  29. Mogale Nathaniel

    Forgotten my password

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