emoji in nokia asha 201

How can i insert emoji in my whatsapp status?
Because,m unable to insert emoji,when i can type emoticons using text( like this ;( )

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  1. Nazi-king


  2. Major

    I want to put imojies in my status

  3. asanda

    thanks Gail u are a star!

  4. @gail_Khutsi

    Have yourself as a contact,send an emoji tht u wana use to you.Scroll up then OPTIONS>COPY TEXT MSG.
    Thn edit ur status msg thn OPTIONS>COPY AND PASTE>PASTE thn save .An emoji will appear.I hope i helped

  5. clement

    How do i insert emoji in my whatsapp status for nokia asha 201

  6. Milicent murove

    Hw cn i insert emoji on my status

  7. Milicent murove

    There’s a few emoji in nokia asha 201 and doesnt come out when putting a status

  8. Anonymous

    As far as I know emoji’s are not implementated in Nokia. But correct me if I’m wrong

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