Delivery time of my message seems to have changed?

So a friend hadn't been online on Whatsapp for a week, so I sent them a message this morning at 10am and it said it had delivered straight away. However, I've just been back online and it now says the message was delivered at 3.10pm – I don't understand!

Did they delete Whatsapp, or me maybe? Why did the delivery time change?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)

One thought on “Delivery time of my message seems to have changed?

  1. riii

    Is it possible in watsapp dat, if a,person had sent message last night bt I didn’t receive da message at dat moment, his phone was not having network at time, I received da message in the morning, n da time of the,message was shown dat of morning, suppose I send u a msg now at 9 am, bt I m having network issues so it’s not sent, u receive da message in da evening at 4 pm, den wat time da message will show 9 or 4?

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