deleting account and making a new one (with the same number)

Hello to everyone !
my question is – can i delete my whatsapp account and re-make it again with the same number ? will it send me a new acception number ? because the deal is that someone is using my whatsapp number on their computer and have a free access to all the info there. the main thing why i would delete my account is for them to loose it on their computers. is it possible ? Thank you !

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  1. benito

    Redownload my whatsappb

  2. Anonymous

    thank you a lot for your help ! :)

  3. Anonymous

    Yup you did.

    You can test it by the way. Just connect to whatsapp Web and try what happens when you press “disconnect all pc” on your phone ;-)

  4. Anonymous

    actually i didn’t… but i have 100% sure that it was being connected true pc because the person approved that… i just hope that i kinda switched this option off for them

  5. Anonymous

    Correct. All active ‘whatsapp web’ sessions are shut down automatically and people will have to scan the QR code with your phone.

    One question, did you see the active session from the other person in that list?

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you a lot !!!! :) so if i have done this – took out the access for all the pc who are using, then i don’t even need to delete my account in the phone and make a new one right ?

  7. Anonymous

    Hi, same Anonymous as before…;)

    If you mean Whatsapp Web or the official desktop application with “access to pc”, the answer is yes. Logging off with that option means their connection is lost and they will need to scan the QR code again (which they can’t as this needs to be done with your phone)

    If that’s your issue at all, then the above was sufficient and there is no need to reinstall the app.

  8. Anonymous

    and i also did log out of all computers by your recommendation. but does it mean this person cant log in anymore ?

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you for replying ! But if i only delete my account and make a new one, that person who have on their pc like this ‘old account’ is not gonna get to the new one and that previous one is not gonna be active or how does it works ? Thanks !

  10. Anonymous

    Yes you can just delete account and re-validate your number.

    Please note without backup you’ll use your chat history!

    If they are using your account on pc with WhatsApp Web, you can log off all sections in the option menu “whatsapp web” in whatsapp.

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