delayed notifications on galaxy s3 please help me

hello everybody pleasssssse help me..whenever my screen is turned off my whatsapp message notifications are delayed for half an hour or more and sometimes i dont receive them until i unlock my sgs 3 i tried all the steps onthe whatsapp website and nothing seemed to work..if anybody is facing this or has a solution please let me know its driving me nuts!

2 thoughts on “delayed notifications on galaxy s3 please help me

  1. Anonymous

    I also experienced the same problem and managed to solve it by uninstalling and then downloading a new whatsapp and installing that one.

  2. Justin

    happened to me too. i realised that when i exit whatsapp by pressing the “back” button, it doesn’t show up in the task manager under the “active applications” and i do not get any whatsapp messages until i go into the app again. However, if u exit whatsapp by pressing the “home” button instead, the app will still be running under the “active applications” and there will not be any lag between the messages. hope it helps.

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