Chat server disconnected…

Im having a Nokia C3-00 with a good access to wifi.
Whatsapp has been working fine throughout the year until today whereby the chat server was suddenly disconnected.
I had try reinstalling, rebooting, and any other means possible but keeps failing.
Anyone has any suggestion about how to fix the problem?

19 thoughts on “Chat server disconnected…

  1. Danveer Dagur

    Put two sim in your mobile then start whatsapp this is work in my nokia asha 200

  2. Nathi

    I am using Nokia asha 208. I’ve been using whatsapp without any problem until yesterday. It reads “server is disconnected” at times it connects for few min then disconnects. May anyone help because it uses my MBs like a lightnening flash.

  3. vasu

    server is dissconneted

  4. Nertila

    Hi i am using whatsapp in nokia x2.00 since yesterday i have problem to connect : the mesage is not connected to chat server. can you help me for thi problem. i am in albania

  5. Tanisha

    Here also server is disconnected. M havng nokia c3. Pls help me out.
    Everythng is workng google f.b twitter everythn except this whats app. Again n again it shows chat connection disconnected .

  6. Mfear

    Rebooted, changed sim, reinstalled basically done everthing but still couldn’t connect. Still not working- any updates guys?

  7. Sharol

    Since 4rm around server is nat connectd. . Im usin x200 .wat cn we do? SA

  8. Kantor

    The same on my nokia c3.00 in Italy
    Also tryed ingreboot, reinstalling, changing connection network, changing data…

  9. Yeoni

    It’s okay now. maybe it’s due to whatsapp server, not our phone.

  10. Omar

    I have problem ! Server diconnected .. Amman jordan

  11. sandy

    4.30am and still not working london north

  12. Nadim

    I have the same problem on iphone 4, I updated it and even reinstalled it and still the problem persists: Not able to connect to chat server; knowing that it is working with other people.

  13. Anonymous

    Same problem here… must be an outage looking at twitter

  14. young

    i am not able to connect to whatsapp the whole day, i did shut down and reboot my phone but it does not help. any one know what happen?

  15. Yeoni

    so can i do anything to help?

  16. Carlos

    server is disconnected

  17. Yeoni

    hey i encountered the similar situation as you!
    i am using android sony ericsson WT19i with good wifi access. I tried reinstalling, reboot, or even removing the sim card but it didnt help at all.
    anyone can help?

    or it’s just the problem of whatsapp?

  18. Bittu

    Unable to server is disconnecting

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