Change others profile pic

Recently people have started changing their profile pics, great. Except one of the pics is something I'd rather not be forced to look at every time I talk to this person.

I can't find a way to change their profile pic to something I want rather than what they've chosen, surely this HAS to be possible or me made possible SOON?!

What if someone puts something really offensive as their profile pic, should I be forced to look at that every time I'm talking to this person??????

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  1. shekhar


  2. M.D Ajmal

    How to change the others whatsapp profile

  3. gudia

    It was great

  4. Samwel

    I want to change the profile picture of my wife

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  6. 1

    I want to change her profile picture on whatsap

  7. 1

    I want to change her profile picture

  8. help


  9. Jeremy

    I have a contact who has a profile picture, but their icon on my screen is the generic whatsapp one. How do i change it to their profile please?

  10. hi


  11. typing...


  12. Nicola

    I would like whatsapp better if you can change others display picture like u can bbm

  13. Deepac

    Sounds like a copyright issue, not sure if whatsapp can assist (I don’t think so) but off course you can reach out to them.

  14. husain

    I want to change other’s profile picture, because some one copied my pic and used as his profile pic, I request him alot but not changed yet, so please guide me what to do now???


    No its not possible. you hav no permission to change other profile, if u r in Group, u hav rights ti change the Group picture change. but not in as u say. i hope u understood.

  16. Roberto

    S.R. yes, which is odd.

  17. S.R

    Is our profile picture visible to everyone? like if i don’t have a person’s contact number but that person does so is my profile pic visible to her/him?

  18. Stephen

    I think he’s trying to say that you can’t change profile pictures in other applications either (like Facebook or windows messenger, MSN or whatsoever).

    I must agree with you that it would make more sense for an application linked to your phone contacts to keep it possible.

    Especially in case you have the most ugly contacts in your phone like I do

  19. C

    eeh, I’m sorry, what??

    What does Facebook have to do with this? I thought this was a site about WhatsApp, not Facebook.

    On my phone, WhatsApp automatically fetches the picture I’ve designated to a specific contact in my phone book. A picture I’ve chosen because it obviously represents the person in question.

    Not being able to change others pics in an app like this seems completely retarded. Why would I want to see a picture of vomit (for example) instead of a picture of the person I’m actually talking to?


  20. Corné

    I understand your point… But what’s the difference with i.e. Facebook?

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