"change my phone number" option

HI, i updated the app recently and now cant find "change my phone number" option, that i really need as im using 2 accounts. How can i find it? If not,how can i return to previos version? This is crucial! Please, need your help! Thank you, Dana.

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  1. Mkoh

    Hi, Please help,
    Went overseas, used overseas data sim card on my iPhone 4s and register WhatsApp with overseas HP No.

    When I returned to Singapore, I am not able to delete the WhatsApp overseas account, to get back my local registered M1 No of WhatsApp.

    Tried also inserting the overseas sim card to delete the overseas registered WhatsApp Account but still faii.

    Thank you.


  2. Marc

    It looks like it’s gone. Not sure how you can get the old version, I always use itunes to update as I don’t trust third parties….

  3. Dana

    Iphone 4

  4. A.p.

    What phone do you have? I’ve never heared about such an option

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