Can't use WhatsApp on iPhone after updating app

Hi, hoping someone might be able to help me. I've just done the update to WhatsApp on my iPhone. I got a notification saying that to receive messages I need to launch the app. When I go into it all I get is a screen saying "WhatsApp seems to be having trouble reading your chat history and will try to recover it"

When I begin recovery it gets to about 80% and then I get a message saying "Sorry something went wrong while trying to recover your chat history. Please try again"

This happens every time, and I can't see any other options. When I look at the storage on my phone it says WhatsApp is using 810.3MB. The app some is only 88.3MB so I assume this means the chat history must still be on the phone. I only backup my phone to iTunes on my Mac, not iCloud.

Any help greatly appreciated!