Can´t see profile pictures

All of the sudden I can´t see the profile pictures of a lot of whatsapp contacts, why is this?

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  1. Johanna

    No thats not it Ive had active chats with a few people and still cant see profile pics

  2. arak


    Nah brah, I’ve added and chatted with new people and I can’t see their pics. What’s worse is that I think they have my number in their phone but still I can’t see their pics.
    whats’app messed this one up

  3. Anonymous

    Dear all… Most appropriate ans is :-
    you are only able to see the profile pic of that people who have active chat with you…. it doesn’t matter that they have your no in there’s phone book or not…. if you are actively involved in chatting with your friends then only you are able to see their profile pics….
    By – Whatsapp Developer INDIA.

  4. Johanna

    That cant be it – I got my son to delete my number and I deleted his but we could still see each others pictures when we chatted

  5. triq

    the most retarded step taken. its like they are evolving back inn time. they should have never introduced profile pic feature.

  6. tanzy

    arak, that isn’t what has happened with me since I’ve checked with some of the people whose pics disappeared and they do, in fact, have my number saved.

  7. arak

    Guys, I now know exactly what happened.

    On february 4th Whats’app included a new privacy setting that makes it impossible for you to see the profile photos of people that don’t have your number saved. It doesn’t matter if you’re chatting with them, if they don’t have your number saved in their phone, you won’t be able to see their pic, this is specially worrysome for people that are chatting among different countries, since both you and your partner have to include the +XX country indicative.

    Check it out, the pics you can’t see are from people that don’t have your number, or have it written wrong, even if you’re chatting with them.

  8. Johanna

    I have deleted and reinstalled about 6 times now and still not seeing all pictures – also tried to conttact whats app direct but they still havent got back to me :/

  9. Karim

    i am having the same problem either ! Help

  10. Arjun

    Unable to see prfile pictures of my installed but its of no use..any way to sort it out!

  11. padmakar

    unable to see profile pics of others in my contact list??

  12. tanzy

    I have the same problem, please update us if you found a solution or if it is rectified on its own? also I tried reinstalling whatsapp to no avail.

  13. Johanna

    I cant see ANY of my contacts pics whether Ive chatted to them or not – I have dleted and reinstalled Whatts App but still cant see any apart from my ohter number HELP!

  14. arak

    Me neither, by any chance, are the contact’s pictures with whom you have active chats, the ones you can actually see?

    I can only see the profile pics of people I’m in active chats right now, plus a couple other people. From the people whose pic I can’t see, I can see their status, last online, etc.

    What’s going on?

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