can't get my watsapp back

what can i do to dowload watsapp cause when i open my watsapp said i should add an google account when i do so fill in the information that wanted it just show names that i don't understand so what can i do in need my watsapp back.

6 thoughts on “can't get my watsapp back

  1. Rukia

    I can’t get my what’sapp back

  2. Princess swee

    I installed watsapp in a new phone bt in my number bt I can’t verify it in my old phone why

  3. jackz

    Cant verify my number and new code needed from. Jackz

  4. Gbotsyo Belinda WisBel

    Lost my watsapp

  5. Cheryl Fernandes

    Lost my watsapp

  6. yerima musa

    code verification

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