Blocked contacts are suddenly unblocked !!

Well I've blocked like 130 numbers on whatsapp before. They were all people I Don't know, who sends me nude picture or numbers… Now, I don't know what to do, or how it happened!!! All the numbers suddenly weren't shown on my blocking list and some numbers still after that, startes again to send me sassy messages and pictures…. Please help az soon as possible it's URGENT!

One thought on “Blocked contacts are suddenly unblocked !!

  1. Aylin

    I guess this is from the third part of Whatsapp… in my case, I use 2 devices, 2 different Whatsapp numbers and on both of them , suddenly all my contacts was unblocked in the same day, same time and I cannot do any chnage on both devises , like chnage status, or change any settings. Is like a death app , do not let me do any change. I tried block again contacts and just show me a “circle” in waiting to do this operation, but can;t do it . I restarted devises, not help. I think someone has access to devises from outside, Wireless , other way I can’t explain how Whatsapp on both devices did this change suddenly ! I guess is the Whatsapp staffs is I can call them like this. Be carefull on using any bank account password further on this devises !
    I find this app is the most unsafe app to use on smartphones as there is not any password to set to open an account and I believe others can use it or if a virus come in , can do all this changes and then other person can use your whatsapp number on other device. I will never use it again ! is the worst !

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