blank whatsapp message

I am using a Blackberry 9800. Sometimes in my message folder, a Whatsapp contact's name will appear but there is no message. And she did not send me a message (I asked). It seems to be happening with one contact only. Why is this happening?

2 thoughts on “blank whatsapp message

  1. venkatasuman puvvada

    i had received a message from the whatsapp is you have failed voice verification too many times. please contact support assistance. please solve my problem

  2. Hamza Abbasi

    Getting this error ” You have failed voice verification too many times”
    kindly provide me the solution asap.
    I have send you E-Mails, Posted on your official Facebook page, complaint through whatsapp app but from none of the source i got any response.
    I wasnt expecting such support service from whatsapp. kindly resolve the issue on priority.
    Hamza Abbasi

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