dear whatsapp,
can i take my account back? it say my account has been banned?
089687133669/ 6289687133669
i think whatsapp banned me by mistake?
im not using it for any advert use
i just send the notice that i have changed my number and i need them to erase my old one
i broadcasted using my whatsapp account
but it failed, it only show one check mark
so i use the send one by one instead
but after i broadcasted 4 person, whatsapp sent me this i dont allow to use the whatsapp service anymore?
please… unlock them…
im not doing adv

thanks :)
please reply quickly cuz i really need it… :(

2 thoughts on “BANNED BY MISTAKE

  1. binu

    i think whatsapp banned me by mistake? 9496100703 India

  2. binu

    my whasapp no 9496100703 was banned by mistake please activate

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