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I have a question regarding the appearance in the contact list.:

So what if someone decides to delete me out of his/her phone book or block me. Does that person also disappear from my favorites list i.e. the amount of whatsapp contacts gets reduced from for example 63 to 62?

Keep in mind that I can still see his/her contact status and 'last seen on' status.

NB: I have a WP7.


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  1. Sam

    And i Can’t see her status last seen and contact of her in my whatsapp list.

  2. Sam

    Last Night My friend Block me Or delete my number from her phone , ahh i don’t know what happen. Suddenly, she was disappear from my Whatsapp Contact list.
    So what she does to do this privery setting??
    anyone answer me how to do this??

  3. Anonymous

    If someone deletes my number from his phone, will he/she still see my latest activity on whatsapp? Activities like changing my status, uploading a new profile picture.

  4. lexy

    I can always tell if someone deleted me from their favorites. It’s not that hard…really!

  5. lisa

    If you delete someone from your favorites on whats app, will they know you have deleted them?

  6. Steve

    This is what WhatsApp says:

    Blocking someone will not remove this contact from your Favorites list, nor will it remove you from the Favorites list on this contact’s phone. To delete a contact from your Favorites list, you must delete the contact from your phone’s address book.

  7. bert

    I’d like to know this as well…

  8. Curious apper


  9. Curious apper

    Thanks for your answer, but here’s the thing:
    a few days ago someone blocked me. The effects were exactly as you described; you can see the status bar, but you can’t see when that person was last online. And in my case (because I’m a WP7 user) the total number of whatsapp favorites decreased from 63 to 62 at that time. And the funny thing here is that that person was still showing up in my favorites list.

    Fast forward a few days later…

    That person decides to unblock me and I can now see his/her ‘last seen on’ status now and the total amount of whatsapp favorites returned to its previous state 63 favorites. So the next day I log on again and see what fate has in store for me this time and see that I can still see the ‘last seen on’ status from the person who initially blocked me. The only thing that has changed now, is that the overview that show how many favorites I have, jumped back to 62.

    Now I want to know: did that person block and delete me, block me, delete me or none of these?


  10. Jill

    No, the person will still appear in your favorites if someone delete or block ur number. The only thing that happens by blocking someone is that the “last seen” doesn’t change anymore. For the rest deleting or adding a number won’t show up on the other side

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