Answering WhatsApp voice calls using Bluetooth headset/headphones

Does anyone know a Bluetooth headset/headphones that is compatible with WhatsApp. I have used Samsung, LG, Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones but they don't allow me to answer/end call using the answer button on the Bluetooth device. If I answer the call from mobile, I am able to talk through them. But I need a Bluetooth headset/headphones that can be used to answer the incoming WhatsApp call.

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  1. Zubair

    Iam also same issue Bluetooth settings contact sharing also untick but working WhatsApp call anyone help me.


    Iam also same issue Bluetooth settings contact sharing also untick but working WhatsApp call anyone help me.

  3. Kirti Nath Jha

    In my car WhatsApp call on Hands Free is working properly with IPhone but does not recognize as call from WhatsApp. I understand it is problem with android system coverting WhatsApp call profile which is not recognized as call by Handsfree system. Normal phone call work fine with I phone and android based phone

  4. Ema

    Hi there! I´m experiencing the same issue… already tried what Beau suggested, but it didn´t work :/ I have ticked and unticked everything I could… I don´t think it´s a problem from Whatsapp because I´m not able to get it to work with other apps either (Viber, Messenger, etc). Plus, I´m only experiencing this issue with my speakers, other bluetooth devices work perfectly with whatsapp calls (bluetooth headsets and others…). My speakers are from BOSE – BOSE REVOLUTION. Any hints?

  5. Beau

    It’s easy go to Bluetooth, then whatever you device is tap the settings button beside it, remove contact sharing, then make sure both the other option boxes are ticked eg, media audio and call audio. That’s it. Will work on 90% of blue tooth devices.

  6. Enino48

    Same Problem here, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android 7.1.1 With SAMSUNG LEVEL UP Pro headsets, I think It is Android&Whatsapp issue, BUT SAMSUNG Should pay Attention too: very expensive Phones, expensive Headsets, we deserve better Service.
    If I am driving- the most comon situation- So I can’t anwer a whatsapp voice calling using my bluetooth headsets, this is crazy.

  7. Daniele

    !!! Remove contact sharing in the Bose bluethoot options and it will work !!!

  8. Lisa

    @ Joseph John

    Thanks for trying to help. I don’t have these settings? Did you mean the sharing contats permissions for whatsapp?

    Anyway I found the root cause of the problem. Whatsapp changed their audio file format. Before the update it was .ACC, but with the new update they are using .OPUS, unfortunately for us, the old format is supported by most of the Bluetooth devices, the new format is not supported with most Bluetooth devices, so this is why our Bluetooth mics are not working.

    Since WhatsApp started ignoring my e-mails after trying to tell me it was a problem with my headset, I hope they will pay attention now.

    At least we know the problem now.

  9. Lisa

    Whoever I’m on the phone to cannot hear me when I am using Bluetooth earphones. For the last year this has not been a problem and suddenly is now an issue with WhatsApp, and only WhatsApp. I bought a new set as thought my old ones were on their way out. Turns out that’s not the case. Are there any answers to this?

  10. John Joseph

    Go to Bluetooth sitting – headphone sitting – option, and remove contact sharing option and it will work .

  11. Jubilant

    I use Mi Mix (by Xiaomi) and I am also have the same problem. My whatsapp calls don’t work through Bluetooth headsets. At first, I thought it was the particular headsets I had, I have since changed twice and have one of the great sound headset from MobiMountain but still experienced the same problem, hence I searched (trying to troubleshoot) on the web and I found this thread. I also really need help if anyone finally finds a solution to this. I saw the comment above saying the “Bluetooth device needs to be compatible with A2DP”, but I bet many are not from the number of complaints people are posting not only in this forum. Can’t Whatsapp do something to make the general Bluetooth headsets work?

  12. Debbie

    I have used a Bluetooth earpiece for making and receiving calls on WhatsApp for many years without any problems. I had a Samsung Galaxy and now have a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. However, for the last few months I haven’t been able to use my earpiece for both making and receiving calls. I think it could be something to do with a WhatsApp update or an Android update. WhatsApp need to sort this problem out quickly. I needed to call my partner yesterday using WhatsApp and he was unable to answer my call as he had his earpiece on because he was driving.

  13. James

    Bluetooth worked fine with my headset until the recent update. It is an WhatsApp issue, not a headset, handset or platform issue (Apple, Windows, Android).

    Your update caused this problem so fix it or you will lose a lot of users. Simples.

  14. M S KanakaRaju

    Disconnect wifi and use mobile data for net connection and use bluetooth for WA calls.

  15. Nader

    It’s working well with Windows Mobile

  16. Kaleem

    Hi my experience say only it’s Android phone not Bluetooth
    I am using app
    Apple phone you won’t have any problem

  17. louie

    found the solution. the Bluetooth device needs to be compatible with A2DP. WHATSAPP would work with video call and regular call

  18. Ebrima

    I am using Samsung galaxy j5 but any time I use my Bluetooth headset to answer a WhatsApp call my Wi-Fi connection use to go off but whe I u other phone is always okay I really need help.

  19. Neil

    I’m using samsung level u pro with Samsung Note 5 and its works fine in all ways but it didn’t work with HTC One M8 while using whats app calls or any other social calling apps. Any suggestions…???

  20. Adi

    Same issue with me. Anyone at WA paying attention here?

  21. ajapiero

    I just discovered recently that I am unable to use my LG bluetooth headset with Whatsapp call. It was working fine with it before . Please I need help to resolve this issue. I am using tecno c9 android phone

  22. sampath

    I used bluetooth headset with iphone and it works perfect .But now I started to use bluetooth with android .Now I cannot able to lift the call with bluetooth headset. may be this issue is with android
    OS. Any solution? I am using samsung galaxy s8 plus

  23. Lionel

    The point is that these Bluetooth headsets almost never ‘recognize’ the incoming WhatsApp call requests (or from other Apps for that matter), as they do ‘telephone calls’.

    So the answer button on the wireless unit (the integrated earpiece and microphone), can never be used to accept the call. This is not convenient since if you get called a lot via an app instead of via a regular phone signal, you always need to accept the call with the green button on the cell phone’s screen.

    And that goes against something which is supposed to be a major advantage of having a Bluetooth set; not having to take the phone out of your bag or purse to answer a call.

  24. Bilal rehmani

    i am using samsung level u for a long time calling but whenever i got call on whatsapp and i receive that call after no voice will come in headset if i turn off the bluetooth headset during whatsapp call my speaker will work and voice will coming from other side and then we talk but in bluetooth headset whatsapp call not support bluetooth headset call

  25. Rajesh

    I have been using my bluetooth headset for whatsapp calls without any issues.
    Been using a MiiRhythm headset with my Nokia Lumia 1520 phone..

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