All Contacts profile pics disappeared

Hi my Whatsapp has been working fine but one by one my contacts profile pics have disappeared, even though I have not been blocked. I have tried updating my app but that has not worked. I would try deleting my account but I'm afraid I won't be able to get it again on the same mobile number, and I don't want to change it. Can anyone tell me whats wrong and how to fix,it. Thanks in advance.

4 thoughts on “All Contacts profile pics disappeared

  1. summi

    i mean with the people i chat regularly i cant see there’s display picture as well

  2. summi

    no even with the people i cant regularly i am unable to see thread display picture as well … can any 1 help

  3. unknown

    no even those who chat wid me i am not able to see theres as well…… y so can any 1 help

  4. Anonymous

    Dear all… Most appropriate ans is :-
    you are only able to see the profile pic of that people who have active chat with you…. it doesn’t matter that they have your no in there’s phone book or not…. if you are actively involved in chatting with your friends then only you are able to see their profile pics….
    By – Whatsapp Developer INDIA.

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