Is WhatsApp down? A question we hear a lot. In most cases, it’s not an outage but an individual connection problem. On this page you will find information about current know outages and how to solve individual issues.

Outage overview:

Check the latest tweet from WhatsApp Status


The most common reason why you cannot connect to WhatsApp is because your phone is temporarily not connected to the Internet.

Check your internet connection:

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. For Wi-Fi: make sure the signal strength is good.
  • Test your connection by browsing to a webpage on your phone browser to see if it loads. If it loads, your internet connection is good.
  • Sometimes a reboot of your phone can solve your connection issue with WhatsApp. Just turn off and on your phone and try to use WhatsApp again.

WhatsApp still not working?

  • Update WhatsApp to the latest version available in your app store
  • Try to switch network: from your mobile data plan to Wi-Fi or vice versa. If the issue is just with one of the connections, it could be an issue with your provider.


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