WhatsApp working on new anti-spam and chain letter measure

WhatsApp is working on new notifications for spam and chain letters. Whatsappen.nl found indications for this in the translation section of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will warn you if you receive a message that has been forwarded many times or when you intend to forward these messages yourself. The warning messages allows you to recognize that the message is possible spam or a chain letter.

If you receive a message that has been designated as frequently forwarded, you’ll see “Forwarded Many Times” at the top of the chat bubble (under sender name).

You’ll see the same kind of warning when you try to forward such a message yourself. At the top of the forward screen, you’ll see the text “A message you are forwarding has been forwarded many times.”.

Our friends at WABetaInfo gave us below screenshots from this new notification.

WhatsApp has already taken many visible and invisible measures against spam in recent years.

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