WhatsApp down on New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp is currently down. The biggest market of WhatsApp, India, is currently celebrating New Year’s Eve. 

Users are unable to send or receive messages. WhatsApp is expected to process 70 billion messages today. Every year WhatsApp is taking more measures to handle all these Happy New Year messages. The company has increased capacity and a team is on stand by in the event that anything happens.

Unfortunately these measures were not enough this time. The outage has not been confirmed by WhatsApp yet.

UPDATE 20:30 CET: WhatsApp service is getting back online. Reboot your phone if you’re still facing issues.

UPDATE 20:45 CET: WhatsApp is back online. The past six years the service was up and running from this moment so… Happy New Year!

Visit Whatsappen.com/outages for an overview of the reported outages, information about current outages and ways to solve individual problems.

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  1. Chris Duncan

    Still down with me in UK

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