Group admins can make Read-Only groups in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on even more new options for group admins. In future, administrators can decide that only they can send messages to the group.

A few weeks ago we discovered that group admins will get an additional setting that is available only to the admin(s) of the group. As an admin you can choose who can change the group’s subject, icon and description. The group description is a new text field in group information where you can explain your topic, group rules or a website URL.

We also knew that you can search participants in group information via a new search option in order to block them or send a personal message.

Today our friends of WABetaInfo found a new option. Administrators can set that only admins can send messages or other files in the group. In that case, participants can only read the WhatsApp group.

If a participant wants to report something in the group, they can press the new button “Message admin” and then select an administrator and send him or her a message.

Read-only groups are useful for groups where normally the administrator is the only sender and other participants only send smileys, thumbs up or other comments that are not interesting for others.

Administrators can change the setting only once every 72 hours. So you can not let everyone ‘be quiet for a moment’.

It is not known when the new options become available. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Group admins can make Read-Only groups in WhatsApp


    It’s an unreleased option, so not possible to set up yet

  2. George Millners

    Mind to also tell *how* this is set up?

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