WhatsApp to support notification channels in Android 8.0 Oreo

WhatsApp is going to support the notification channels in Android 8.0 Oreo. That discovered Whatsappen.nl in the translation section of WhatsApp.

Notification channels allow you to fine tune what kind of notifications an application may or may not send to you in Android 8.0 (via Settings => Apps and Notifications => Notifications).

More and more apps are supporting this and WhatsApp will be coming soon.

WhatsApp will get the following categories for notifications:

  • Critical app alerts
  • Failure notifications
  • Media Playback (notifications shown when media is being played)
  • Sending media (notifications shown while media sending)
  • Chat history backup (chat history backup/restore notifications)
  • Silent notifications
  • Other notifications

Other notifications include the WhatsApp Web notification that you see when a web session is active. It’s not known when the new option will be available.

Android 8.0 users could already use picture-in-picture video calls with WhatsApp.