Trick! AFTER seven minutes delete WhatsApp messages for everyone

In WhatsApp you can delete messages within seven minutes for everyone. BUT, there’s now a trick that allows you to delete older messages for everyone.

That discovered the Spanish site Androidjefe. We’ve tested the trick with version 2.17.395 and beta 2.17.408 for Android and it works for us: the message was actually deleted on the recipient’s phone.

Deleting for everyone after seven minutes works like this:

  1. Set your phone to airplane mode (or manually switch off mobile internet and wifi)
  2. Stop the WhatsApp app via Settings => Apps => WhatsApp => Force stop
  3. Change the time (and if necessary the date) on your mobile phone to the time of the to be deleted message
  4. Open WhatsApp, go to the message and delete it for everyone
  5. Change back the date and time of your phone
  6. Reconnect to the internet
  7. DONE!

For now, the trick works for messages from a few days back, but as it’s an unofficial workaround it’s possible that WhatsApp will disable this trick in the future.

If you want to know how to delete a message for WhatsApp within seven minutes, please read this article.

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    Also wondering, can you try it?

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    work in IOS?

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