Fake WhatsApps removed (update)

UPDATE 11/06/2017: The new fake WhatsApp apps from the article below have also been removed. The fake app with a million downloads that many websites ‘discovered’ this weekend and warned for in capitals was already removed a few days ago.

At this moment we do not find any fake apps in Google Play, but of course this can change any time. WhatsApp Inc.’s official apps are here.

Google has removed a large number of fake WhatsApp apps from the Play Store. But there are already new fake versions of WhatsApp released in Play.

After checking it appears that the malicious apps from the article a few days ago have all been removed.

However, Google Play’s approval policy has not changed so people continue to try and make variations on WhatsApp Inc.. By adding characters (; <. ‘) or spaces to the developer’s name, they want you to download their app. After download you’ll have an app full of ads or even harmful to your phone. And yes, you can easily overlook that it’s fake: one of the apps had more than 1 million downloads.

As WhatsApp said to us before, it’s a never ending battle and that’s an understatement. Today we see that new fake apps already have been added over the past few days. While the ‘smart guys’ keep trying, it’s a waste of their time. The apps will eventually be removed again.

If you want to help WhatsApp, then flag the fake apps as inappropriate in their app page in Google Play.