This is WhatsApp Business: Official screenshots and more details

Two weeks ago the first WhatsApp Business screenshots leaked. But now, we can also share the official screenshots and some additional details. 

In the first screenshot you see the business profile info, with business hours, website, description and address of the business.

Chats with businesses just look the same as a normal WhatsApp chat. With the addition verified businesses get a green badge with a checkmark next to their name (not shown in below screenshot).

The automatic away messages also just look like a regular message.

And your chat list in the WhatsApp Business app? They also look like your regular WhatsApp.

All in all WhatsApp Business looks, apart from some additional profile information, pretty much the same as the normal WhatsApp version.

What we also know…

In combination with your WhatsAp Business account, you can also use WhatsApp Web and the desktop app.

Furthermore, all features you use with WhatsApp Messenger are available for the business version: groups, statuses, (video)calls, documents, live location, images, videos, voice messages and so on.

In contrast to the regular WhatsApp, a landline (or fixed) phone number is supported too.

WhatsApp Business is currently being tested in several countries via the beta test program. However, in most countries the app is unreleased in Google Play. Indonesia is confirmed to be one of the countries that has access. Earlier co-founder Brian Acton already said the app would debute in India, Brazil and Indonesia.

An official release date is not known yet. As soon as we learn more about this, you’ll read it on our website and our Twitter.