Quick emoji search in WhatsApp Web with your keyboard (update)

There is a quick way to search emoji in WhatsApp Web and desktop app, Whatsappen.nl found out today.

By typing a colon (:) in the text field following by a keyword or part thereof, you will see the emoji you’re looking for. At the moment this feature only supports English keywords.

Are you looking for a monkey, then you type :monkey (or a part of it) :

For example :love shows all love related emoji:

Are you looking for cat emoji, then you just type :cat :

And so on!

By the way, we also discovered that wind is translated as fart. A joke from the developers :-)

Of course, you can also use the search bar that was previously added in WhatsApp Web for emoji search. This also supports English only.

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Update 10/25/2017: WhatsApp seems to be preparing translations for Emoji search! At this moment emoji search only supports English keywords.

WhatsApp added Emoji Search in their translation section. There are no strings available yet, but it looks like you can search emoji in WhatsApp in your own language (other than English) in future (thanks for the tip)