Many complaints about WhatsApp notifications iOS 11

Many people experience issues with WhatsApp notifications since the iOS 11 update.

IPhone users don’t get notifications for new posts or receive the notifications only after opening WhatsApp.

Although the problem is happening with WhatsApp, it’s likely an issue with iOS or Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS). Notifications are sent to your phone from Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS) and the delivery is entirely in control of that service.

Despite we think that the problem is not caused by WhatsApp, we have informed WhatsApp about the many complaints. They will investigate and as soon we learn more, you can read it here or on our Twitter (and Dutch Twitter)

61 thoughts on “Many complaints about WhatsApp notifications iOS 11

  1. omry

    Same problem here :(

  2. Nikhilesh Jaiman

    Same issue!

  3. Tiago

    I’m from Brazil and with the same problem!

  4. Omar

    From Egypt
    Same issue

  5. Kani

    From Singapore!! Same issue

  6. Mohamed Radwan

    Same problem here,Saudi Arabia

  7. Michel

    A possible workaround, that has proven to work for a few users:

    Change iOS Settings => Cellular => Cellular Data Options to DATA ONLY.

    No guarantee, but it’s worth to give it a try.

  8. Talita

    Same problem here…I’m from Brazil!! :(

  9. Deepu

    same issue , frm India.. any fix ?

  10. Ozzie

    From Melbourne, Australia & having the exact same issues in iPhone 6 Plus.

  11. Mustak Razvi

    I am from India and facing the same problom on my all devices, either iOS or Whatsapp one of them are liar, every thing is workig fine except whatsapp notifications,

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