Many complaints about WhatsApp notifications iOS 11

Many people experience issues with WhatsApp notifications since the iOS 11 update.

IPhone users don’t get notifications for new posts or receive the notifications only after opening WhatsApp.

Although the problem is happening with WhatsApp, it’s likely an issue with iOS or Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS). Notifications are sent to your phone from Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS) and the delivery is entirely in control of that service.

Despite we think that the problem is not caused by WhatsApp, we have informed WhatsApp about the many complaints. They will investigate and as soon we learn more, you can read it here or on our Twitter (and Dutch Twitter)

61 thoughts on “Many complaints about WhatsApp notifications iOS 11

  1. Fian

    same issue my iphone 6 don’t get notifications for new posts or receive the notifications, only after opening WhatsApp….
    from Malaysia the country of the prime minister NAjib razak

  2. Hussain

    I’m in Pennsylvania, USA and I’m facing the same issue with the notifications

  3. S F

    Same issue

  4. Meshaal A

    I’m from Kuwait, and I have been experiencing the same issue

  5. Pranoy Goru

    I’m from India, Me too facing the same issue cant able to get notification while in screen lock

  6. Marko

    iOS 11.0.3 from Serbia, same thing..

  7. Himanshu sethi

    I am from india and i am facing the same probelm and using 6s with ios 11.0.3 please help me to stay out of this this ios update is sh*t 😡😡😡😡😡

  8. Gautam

    Same thing happening to me with 2 of my phones. iphone 7 and 7+… IOS 11.0.3

  9. Sultan

    I’m from Saudi Arabia. And i’ve been experiencing the same issue, iPhone 7+ iOS 11.0.3

  10. Felipe

    Happening to me as well, working really bad. Tried installing the latest update, 11.0.3, and still happening.
    Shame on Apple for releasing such a faulty new OS, wouldn’t change anything holding a few more weeks and doing a better job.

  11. Adrian Sacarea

    Leave app open in background and you will get notifications. At least background app refresh is working.

  12. PintMan45

    Simple solution :
    – Put your finger on WhatsApp icon until it starts to wobble.
    – Release your finger.
    – Click the “x” in the left top corner of Whatsapp icon.
    – Delete it.
    – Visit App Store and search for: “Viber”
    – Install Viber.
    – Problem solved!

  13. Samuel

    Same happening with me in Brazil. I’ve tried everything and nothing changed.

  14. ERIC Ng

    Same for my daughter studying in UK.

  15. Kay

    Just thinking with you… Don’t think it’s a solution but maybe you can give it a try.

    In previous iOS issues, ticking and unticking certain settings and REBOOTING your phone afterwards, was a solution.

    So, what about changing iPhone Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp (just untick and tick)

    AND do the same with

    WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > In-App Notifications

    and after your settings are correct REBOOT your phone?

  16. Reza

    Same problem here in South Africa. iOS 11.0.3, latest updates. Even reinstalling WhatsApp did not fix the problem.

  17. Nick

    There’s no update or solution or workaround yet. The issue is with apple as I also have issues with imessage and sms notifications. Apple is aware as well, but not solution from them. I’m afraid we need to wait for another ios update

  18. Shrikant

    I am from India and i am facing same issue. Any update?

  19. Prab

    In the UK, Same issue. Anyone discovered a fix? Or do we have to wait for Apple / WhatsApp?! Mine only occurred after iOS 11 Update. Have since installed a new WhatsApp, Same problem still there.

  20. Farid

    I am from Azerbaijan. I have some problem

  21. Ben

    Because of this issue I had missed some important calls and messages 😡😡😡

  22. Ejam and ZuraAzura

    We are from Malaysia..Same issue..😡😡😡

  23. Adriel Diamant

    from israel with the same problem

  24. Richard Regnaut

    Same issue from Brazil. Iphone 7 IOS 11.0.3

  25. Logan Clarke

    From South Africa. Same problem is there somebody I can contact ?

  26. Wessam Shawqi

    same issue 😡😡 from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  27. vishal

    Same here, after updating ios 11 , now need to open whatsapp for new messages!!!.

  28. Diego R.

    The same issue from Chile

  29. Ryan ENGLAND

    Piece of sh*t IOS 11.

    I have to open watsapp now to see if people have messaged me!!

    iPhone have let me down again and looks like they can’t test things correctly or they are forcing us to use iMessage.

    I don’t have time to debug there software for free!

  30. Haris

    I m frm Pakistan and having the same issue. This must be solved!

  31. Prateek Mangal

    Same issue india i have iphone 6s with ios 11.0.3

  32. Rafael

    I’m facing the same issue. From Brazil.

  33. Michael

    I see an update in iTunes WhatsApp iOS 2.17.61, does that solve our issue?

  34. Devanshu

    Couldn’t talk to my girl who was in London because of this annoying problem 🙂 thank you so much iOS and WhatsApp for ruining our lives 😡

  35. Rob

    From Philippenes with the same problem

  36. apfelwein

    Same issue here in Germany (on wifi and lte). Some notifications come through but then when you login whatsapp gets a whole bunch more messages.

  37. Woody

    From Malaysia, same problem happen after upgraded to iOS 11, using Mobile Data or WiFi also having the same problem.

    Please fix it as soon as possible.

  38. Charlie

    This problem occurs for me when I am connected to wi-fi. On 4g/LTE I receive my notifications to my phone without any problem. I think it is about background app refresh on wi-fi. When I check WhatsApp web, it always says phone is not connected to internet.

  39. Elvis

    It is Elvis from Hong Kong that I am experiencing the same problem regarding without whatsapp notifications after update to iOS11.

    Hopefully it will be fixed very soon.

  40. Himanshu Sharma

    Also facing same isssue please 😔 India

  41. Fawad

    Omg same issue here

  42. Tony

    In Hong Kong, also

  43. Jams

    From Singapore, same issue!!

  44. stephanie

    Malaysia. Same problem!!

  45. Riyadh

    Such annoying problem. first i thought just my phone has this problem , I tried to change every things in settings 😫

  46. Capital

    In the usa same problem. So annoying!!

  47. Karin

    I’m from the Netherlands and I also experience this problem. Very annoying, especially since I also use it for business.

  48. Fiaz

    I am from Saudi Arabia and I have the same issue.

  49. SvTilburg

    I’m from Holland, and i also have the same issue.

  50. Siddharth Gupta

    I’m from India, and I have been experiencing the same issue.

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