Many complaints about WhatsApp notifications iOS 11 (update + solution)

Many people experience issues with WhatsApp notifications since the iOS 11 update.

IPhone users don’t get notifications for new posts or receive the notifications only after opening WhatsApp.

Although the problem is happening with WhatsApp, it’s likely an issue with iOS or Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS). Notifications are sent to your phone from Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS) and the delivery is entirely in control of that service.

Despite we think that the problem is not caused by WhatsApp, we have informed WhatsApp about the many complaints. They will investigate and as soon we learn more, you can read it here or on our Twitter (and Dutch Twitter)

Update 10/18/2017:

After some contacts with WhatsApp we can report the following:

It’s indeed an iOS 11 bug. It is affecting users who habitually force close their app. This behavior is fairly common among users because of the misconception that apps that appear in the multitasking screen are running in the background. The bug and issues are reported to Apple.

In the meantime WhatsApp is working on an own workaround. They think they have figured out a workaround and are testing it right now. If the test is successful, WhatsApp will release an update to the App Store in a few days.

WhatsApp advises that if you stop force closing the app, your issue shoud also be resolved. Rumours that WhatsApp update 2.17.61 contains the bugfix are not true.

Update 10/21/2017:

WhatsApp released the bugfix as described in our previous update. Please upgrade to version 2.17.70. Does it fix your notification issues? Let it know in the comments or Twitter (or Dutch account Twitter)

96 thoughts on “Many complaints about WhatsApp notifications iOS 11 (update + solution)

  1. Shahieda

    Good day..

  2. User

    I’m still having the same error message

  3. ROSMA

    Same problem here – the WhatsApp notification is stuck on the home screen and I am unable to touch any other apps. Although Siri can help to open up the phone settings, nothing works for me.

  4. Kool

    Go to whatsapp settings, click on notifications and reset notifications. Worked for me…

  5. David

    Same Problem in Germany, with IPhone 5S and iOS 11.0.3.
    To keep WhatsApp running in the background is no solution to me, because this causes much more battery.
    To me iOS 11 is really annoying!!

  6. Yury

    I do not want to activate app refresh. It has always worked without it. Hope next update will fix it because it is really annoying and it is definitely an ios issue. What I noticed it is that on my iPhone 8 Plus it is not working only with wi-fi, with cellular data everything is ok.

    What I think is that they “played” too much with this wi-fi stand by etc functions in ios 11.

  7. John

    It’s ridiculous so many issues with iOS 11. At least whatsapp tried to figure out a workaround, it works for a lot of people but not for me. I hope Apple will release an ios update soon as it’s their error.

  8. Pia Joan

    Already updated to the latest ios and whatsapp but the problem is still not resolved

  9. Eyad

    So what is the solution for that issue ?

  10. Poppy

    I had the same problem here in the UK after the ios 11.0.2 update. Not being able to force close the app was not a solution. The latest whatsapp update seems to have solved the problem. This ios uodate has caused so many problems, extensive battery drainage too, I need to charge my phone to full 4 times a day compared to once prior to this ios update (10).

  11. Charlie

    The issue remains on my iphone 8 but my sister who purchased recently got no issues in her device also in my iphone 6s it works fine now whatspp give u a warning message if u close the app by swipe up you might miss notifications. Taking this long to solve the bug is bad from Iphone and whatsapp

  12. Badala

    After I installed the 2.17.70 update, push notification could appear again. Even there is a notification about “swipe the app can prevent you from receiving whatsapp notification” if i unconciously swipe the open WhatsApp again

  13. Varinder

    Even still the issue is there , i have recently purchased iphone 8 with IOS 11.0.3

  14. Fabio Domingos

    Not working for me too

  15. hira

    I face a problem of What’s app calling. There’s no notification setting of call in iPhone. In lock screen incoming call in appear. There’s is no setting to disable incoming call while unlocked screen.

  16. Mo

    Not fixed after update, still same issue

  17. Prabu

    New update of version 2.17.70 still doesnt fix the issue for me.

  18. Dhaval Patel

    I have been facing problem receiving message from WhatsApp or WhatsApp calls . Hope the issue can be resolve

  19. Dhaval Patel

    same issue , frm India.. any fix for Iphone 6 ?

  20. Muhammad

    How to close what’s app chat window and then go back to messages in new iso ?

  21. Maryem

    Same problem

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