WhatsApp Business also works with landline numbers

We’ve already written a lot about WhatsApp Business. Today, the first screenshots leaked with more details.

First things first: WhatsApp Business has its own logo. The creative team of Whatsapp replaced the phone sign in the WhatsApp logo with the letter B.

Using a WhatsApp Business account, you can enter location, business category, business description, email address and website in your profile.

The categories of businesses that we previously discovered look in the app as below:

Another option that was already known is the out of office. You can manually turn on/off or schedule these away messages using a calendar:

Of course, you can also customize your away message:

All screenshots from Androidpolice/Hüseyin Filiz

WhatsApp Business with landline phone number

Today’s real news is that the business app also supports landline phone numbers. You can register WhatsApp Business with a mobile or a landline number.

On one device, both WhatsApp Business and the regular WhatsApp app can be used at the same time. This only works when you have two phone numbers (one personal and one business).

The business app is currently available for beta testers only.