WhatsApp will categorize businesses

Verified business in WhatsApp will be classified into categories. Whatsappen.nl discovered in the translation section of WhatsApp.

Translators are asked to translate a large number of business verticals for the ‘business vertical’ section in the app. This is the tag (label) of the sector that is given to companies and will be visible in the app.

Automotive, clothing & apparel, education, entertainment, banking, hotels and restaurants among other sectors will get their own category.

The category public and government services is also included. Another reason less for Dutch municipalities to doubt if they are allowed to use WhatsApp.

Business solutions WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently testing two solutions for businesses: one app for small businesses and a solution (API) for larger companies. More features and options will be announced in the next months. Stay up to date about these developments and follow us on Twitter.