WhatsApp not sharing EU user data with Facebook for FB purposes yet

WhatsApp is not yet sharing data of EU users with Facebook for improving Facebook products and providing more relevant Facebook ad experiences. 

A year ago, WhatsApp updated it’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This allows WhatsApp to share information with Facebook to show more relevant Facebook ads and improve Facebook products, such as better “People You May Know” suggestions on Facebook.

New FAQ articles for EU Users explain that WhatsApp is not yet sharing EU users’ information for Facebook purposes. However, the company is in talks with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to enable such use in the future. Once agreement has been reached, WhatsApp will inform EU users.

Improving WhatsApp and security

The above does not mean that WhatsApp does not share EU data with Facebook at all. For example, information like your phone number and the last time your account was used is shared with the Facebook family of companies to improve WhatsApp. By comparing WhatsApp’s usage with other Facebook apps, WhatsApp develops new features or product improvements. WhatsApp also shares data for calculating unique users and total number of users.

Next to improving WhatsApp, the company is sharing data to fight spam and keeping WhatsApp secure. For example, they can see what accounts within the Facebook group belong to the same user and take appropriate action when a user violates their Terms of Service or presents another security threat.