New design WhatsApp calls and more

A new WhatsApp update for Android is available in Google Play. The update brings design improvements for voice and video calls.

In the new UI for calls, your contact’s profile picture is displayed both in small and large size. To answer a call, you can now swipe up.

WhatsApp also added the option to send all types of files. Think of apk, mp3, zip, rar or photos and videos in full size.

Also new is browsing through your photos using the in-app camera. Next to swiping through the thumbnails, you can now also swipe up to see all your photos and videos in your album.

Last but not least, WhatsApp has improved text formatting. It was already possible to bold, italicize or strikethrough your text using special characters, but now you can also tap and hold the text when typing and simply select the text format in the menu.