Delete WhatsApp messages for everyone (recall)

Update 10/27/2017: WhatsApp is rolling out below function

Made a mistake? Soon it’s possible to recall your sent WhatsApp messages in individual chats and groups. Also other files as images, videos, GIFs, files, voice messages et cetera can be recalled.

With the ‘recall function’ you can recall a message (or other file) up to seven minutes after sending. After seven minutes, it’s no longer possible to delete your message for everyone.

Succesfully recalled items are deleted from the recipient’s chat (s). Instead, the recipient will get the message “This message was deleted”.

Bear in mind that the recipient may read your message before it’s recalled.

How to recall a WhatsApp message?


  1. Tap and hold a message (or multiple messages) or another item.
  2. Tap Delete at top of the screen and select Delete for Everyone

IPhone / Windows Phone

  1. Tap and hold a message (or multiple messages) or another item
  2. Tap Delete and select Delete for Everyone.

WhatsApp Web / Desktop app

  1. Click on the top right of the message to show the message options menu
  2. Click Delete message and select delete for everyone.

The option works either in an individual chat or in a group. Note: Recalling only works if both you and the recipient(s) have the latest WhatsApp version for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. You will not be notified if a recall was not successful.