WhatsApp extends support for BlackBerry and Nokia S40 (updated)

Good news for BlackBerry and Nokia S40 users. WhatsApp is going to extend support, co-founder Brian Acton told Whatsappen.nl today. Nokia S60 will still end on June 30, 2017.

Last year WhatsApp announced that it would cut off all BlackBerry and Nokia operating systems by June 30, 2017. “We are going to extend BlackBerry through the end of 2017”, Brian Acton said. “Nokia S40 will be extended longer, until the end of 2018”.

Acton confirms that there’s no change for Nokia S60. This is the only OS that will be turned off on June 30, 2017.

We have listed everything below.

Supported until June 30, 2017:

  • Nokia Symbian S60

Supported until December 31, 2017:

  • Windows Phone 8.0 and older
  • BlackBerry OS
  • BlackBerry 10

Note: The BlackBerry Priv and DTEK50 are supported Android devices.

Supported until December 31, 2018:

  • Nokia S40

Supported until February 1, 2020:

  • Android 2.3.7 and older

Update 19/06/2017 12:19 CET: WhatsApp for BlackBerry received an update in Appworld. Version has the new end-of-life date set as December 31, 2017

Update 20/06/2017 08:35 CET: After some speculation on Twitter, we’ve reached out to WhatsApp again. Co-founder Brian Acton confirms to Whatsappen.nl that Nokia S40 has end of life date 12/31/2018 and that this is for S40 only. BB/BBX = 12/31/2017.

34 thoughts on “WhatsApp extends support for BlackBerry and Nokia S40 (updated)

  1. prakash kumar

    my nokia 5233 mo.how are this my downlod whattsapp

  2. Mr Mattila

    Good News – but it does not work! At least not in Germany??? So please: what to do? I have my Whats App still installed here, in my BB Passport (Great Mobile Phohe, by the way!) but WA is dead. Although it should run untill Dez. 2017.

    Mr Mattila, Berlin

  3. Zlatko

    Can anybody explain why whatsApp didn’t work anymore?


    et que penser de NEMORY et de son appli payante (3.99$) en 2018 pour les blackberrys ? on n’aura plus que cette solution ??? c’est un peu dur de devenir un mouton Apple ou Samsung !

  5. Carol Pearson

    I have a BlackBerry 10 and from this morning 19th July whatsapp no longer works ….. What’s happened? Wasn’t it supposed to be extended until the end of the year?

  6. zubair

    Blackberry passport 10

  7. zubair

    Is there is anything for whatsapp am not able to upload or send any pic r vedio via what’sapp to anyone

  8. Billy the 701

    Why no S60 /Belle support??? Those phones are very capable still!

    Wasn´t the performance the main reason to shut of your service for older
    phones to begin with?

    Your service is used all over the world. For many people its a crucial
    software for communication! And Nokia S60 phones are still powerful
    enough for anybody but power users!

  9. Amr

    If S60 is newer than S40, what is the reason for not extending the support for S60 as well??? just because you found the number of users on S40 is higher than those for S60?

  10. Peter

    It’s biasing decision for s60 users. Not fair :(

  11. Bernd

    Why no S60 /Belle support.Those phones are very capable still!

    Wasn´t the performance the main reason to shut of your service for older
    phones to begin with?

    Your service is used all over the world. For many people its a crucial
    software for communication! And Nokia S60 phones are still powerful
    enough for anybody but power users!

    I hope you rethink you decision and do not render theses Phones
    ,especially the unique Nokia 808, useless, because that´s what they
    essentially become if one main channel of communication is not open for them any more

  12. marouen_tn

    Supported until June 30, 2017:

    Nokia S60

  13. alejandro

    No S60 extended support? Come on! :(

  14. marouen_tn

    Very good news !
    I use bb curve 9320 ( os 7.1 )

  15. Ann

    Hey ME, I don’t get the warning message on my BB OS 7 anymore, so it looks extended. Maybe it’s still rolling out in some countries

  16. me

    But there is no update for Blackberry OS 7. It’s still does not work.

  17. KENEDY


  18. www

    This is good news. However, I have already decided to move over to BBM. If WhatsApp decided to extend support for an indefinite time, they would not lose users.

  19. Vico Biscotti

    Just bought a BlackBerry KEYone basing on WA end-of-support (KEYone is scarcely available, in Italy, and maybe it would have not been available in July). I suppose that letting out this news, by WA, was intentionally late. But I do not appreciate such tricks. They should have told this sooner.

  20. Michel

    @Kundan, please note whatsapp released update today in appworld. Version has the new end date.

  21. kundan attarde

    Dear Sir,
    When will be releasing the updates for whatsup on BB 10 as it extend the app till dec 2017.
    Because still we getting the 30th June 2017 message.

  22. ro fi

    Merci. On adore notre blackberry passport. Et on aime what s up…..

  23. Jennifer E.

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    I knew this was going to happen and am so glad it did happen at last. I love blackberry phones like I love myself and whatsapp helps me communicate easily with my customers/clients. Am so glad to now I can can still use whatsapp on my BB10 without hiccups.
    Thanks blackberry team, thumbs up.

  24. Lawrence Hernandez

    Good news, thank you very much Whatsapp team for extending support BB10 users.

  25. thandi

    I want to know all. Blackberry??

  26. Bobnic

    Best news of the month !
    Thanks to Whatsapp team !!
    I use the app everyday, it’s probably the app I use the most often !

  27. Jumbo

    Very good news!!

  28. Haseeb Ulfat Khan

    It’s a great effort for both BlackBerry and what’s app ….. we appreciate the decision of what’s app to remain continue in BlackBerry 10. thanks alot I think no one can right to take off communication from what’s app because now this app is essential and necessary for public. We love BlackBerry and not leave this device for security reasons. Million of users love BlackBerry. Once again thank to what’s app and BlackBerry team

  29. 2ni

    Merci vous c’est une très bonne nouvelle. Faut pas nous lâche car nous on vous lâche pas

  30. Margherita

    Great!!!! Thanks!!! I’m very happy!!!

  31. Wlliam Oramas

    That’s a good decision. It would be a shame that the millions of users of BB around the world, we stopped being communicated through WA, for refusing to agree the BB administrators with those of WA.

  32. Plamen

    Forza BB10.

  33. J. Davids

    Best news of the day! Hope they will still update the app too with new features

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