Facebook is going to move WhatsApp to its own data centers

It took a while, but Facebook is finally going to integrate WhatsApp into the company. Later this year, WhatsApp’s messaging service will move to Facebook’s data centers.

Sources told CNBC that WhatsApp will terminate the current IBM contract.

Currently, WhatsApp’s messaging service runs over more than 700 high-end IBM SoftLayer servers. These servers are split in two locations: one data center in San Jose, California and one in Washington. However, this infrastructure is quite expensive. At some point Facebook was spending $ 2 million per month.

Long time

Despite the costs, Facebook has taken a long time before integrating WhatsApp. Facebook acquired WhatsApp already in February 2014. One reason is that Facebook was busy with the integration of Instagram and the other reason appears to be that CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not want WhatsApp to “get facebooked” too soon. In other words, Facebook wanted to keep the app seperated for a while.

No impact for users

Users will not notice any changes during the migration. WhatsApp will keep working and the privacy policy is still unchanged. Also, the messages are still end-to-end encrypted, which means that also Facebook will not be able to read or view your private messages.