WhatsApp issues with last seen status solved

WhatsApp is currently having issues with the ‘last seen’ status. 

Therefore sometimes the status is not visible. Potentially it’s a bug in the Android app.

We’ve reached out to WhatsApp to address the issue. In a response the company said that it’s investigating the matter. It’s unknown how long it will take before the issue is solved.

Update April 28th: WhatsApp confirms that it rolled out a fixed last Wednesday. In the meantime, users confirm that the status is fixed now. Solved!

At Whatsappen.com/outages you find an overview of the by us reported outages, information about current known outages and ways to solve individual problems.

15 thoughts on “WhatsApp issues with last seen status solved

  1. Sundramoorthy

    Status automatically deleted after few hrs of posting any problem

  2. Lee

    It’s still happening now. Why does it vanish for a long time? been 24hours so far?

  3. Lindsay


  4. Chris Duncan

    Same here. Hope it stays that way

  5. Jules

    It looks like it’s fixed now for me

  6. Lindsay

    I’m having the same problem. I can’t see my boyfriend’s last seen and no he hasn’t blocked me and his last seen is set for everyone to see. I’ve uninstalled and installed and also deleted my account. It’s been like this for almost 2 days now. Please someone help!!

  7. NIls

    Same here, since two days ago..

  8. christel

    it’s driving me crazy and I don’t like not seeing the last seen of my boyfriend’s post. I’ve checked data, internet. reinstalled, cleaned the phone, reinstalled app and the last seen is disappearing. fix it now!!!! android user.

  9. Vic

    @Chris, I think you can simply look at the checkmarks. Last seen is no such indicator.

  10. Chris Duncan

    Been like this with me since Monday night/Tuesday morning.


  11. Anna

    Is it even going to be fixed?! Been too long!

  12. Chris Duncan

    I dont even know if im missing messages sent to me cos of this issue and vice versa. If ‘last seen’ isnt showing it looks as though im blocked but then it reappears.

    I thought it was my phone to begin with and uninstalled/reinstalled the app but still the issue persists

  13. Joefien

    Same here!

  14. Anna

    Any news when what’s app going to fix this problem? It’s really annoying

  15. Chris Duncan

    Been like this for over 20 hours now. ‘Last seen’ statuses keep disappearing then reappearing at random. Means that certain messages I send are not getting sent at all. Really annoying

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