WhatsApp repairs leak in web version (update)

WhatsApp has repaired a leak in it’s web version. The leak was discovered by security company Check Point.

A vulnerability made it possible to send a malicious code by sending an image. Once the victim clicked on the image, the attacker was given access to chats, contacts, photos, videos, shared files and more.

A WhatsApp spokesperson confirms in an official statement to Whatsappen.nl: “We build WhatsApp to keep people and their information secure. When Check Point reported the issue, we addressed it within a day and released an update of WhatsApp for web. To ensure that you are using the latest version, please restart your browser.” WhatsApp has no evidence of the issue being misused.

Below video from Check Point demonstrates the leak for WhatsApp Web. Full technical details can be found on Checkpoint’s Blog.

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  1. akahana

    Can’t upload videos in the new version WhatsApp status

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