WhatsApp is still a small company

WhatsApp, with more than 1.2 billion users, is still a small company. That’s what co-founder Brian Acton said in an interview with Whatsappen.nl.

The acquisition by Facebook in 2014 made it possible for WhatsApp to expand rapidly, both in terms of server capacity and workforce. But, WhatsApp didn’t hire a lot of new people. “We still try to keep things small here” Brian Acton said. WhatsApp currently has around 200 employees.

The Android team and iPhone team, the people behind the mobile apps, are about ten people now, says Acton. Two years ago, the Android team was only 4.25 people.

Next to the twenty people who focus on Android and iPhone, WhatsApp has engineers working on WhatsApp Web, desktop apps and new products such as WhatsApp for Business. In total 80 engineers are working at WhatsApp.

The other 120 employees are working for other departments such as customer support, legal, communications and strategy.

One external test partner

Not just internally but also externally WhatsApp is trying to keep it small, the co-founder explains. “We are currently working with just one single test partner. We are actively working with them on API integration and their backend IT.” WhatsApp is trying to understand where there would be issues and problems so that they can roll out their API to more partners in the future.

Brian Acton didn’t give any further details about the API and it’s purposes. Probably it has to do with the business tool WhatsApp is currently working on.

10 thoughts on “WhatsApp is still a small company

  1. Steve Sunguti

    Unfortunately right now I don’t have a smart phone with WhasApp but have a WiFi tablet and desk top. I wish it was like Telegram because I can use it on any.

  2. Chapman

    The Whatsapp update is such a bore. Give an option to down-grade.

  3. Malik

    Personally,I think there should be an option to downgrade to the older version and leave the news version for the young age because it’s almost like a copy paste of Snapchat feature, I’m great full for the fact that there is an alternative like Viber now

  4. Hottensiah Reuben

    The new Whatsapp is so boring. Seems like very soon it will be snapwhatsappchat. Please return the old one.

  5. Winfred Munee

    New WhatsApp is so boring

  6. Timo

    And unblock option too

  7. MC U

    Please return the old whatsapp. I was here to read status updates not to see things that are lost in 24 hours!

  8. Noxolo

    My point is we don’t like this WhatsApp new status

  9. livorio ramirez

    The status feature on whatsapp s*cks please remove it

  10. Jack

    Sounds like API is coming, hopefully for other developers too

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