Whatsapp messages went disappeared without deleting


Recently I encounterd weird problem, the messages sent and received within one hour went disappeared without deleting them. Pls help to look into the problem and advise. Thanks.


215 thoughts on “Whatsapp messages went disappeared without deleting

  1. Zodwa

    Please help with missing chats

  2. Rishintha

    Same thing is happening with me , notification of message is coming when I open it no msg is being displayed?? I updated the app but also same thing is happening any solution ?

  3. pradeep ivon

    Even i see all messages of Tuesday 6th June are missing, what is the solution?

  4. Daniel

    5 days ago i lost all of my whatsapp chat history and lost like almost my contact. Now, i can’t open the whatsapp even if i delete and reinstall it. How can i get my history back? And how can i get half of my contact? Those data is very important for me!!!

  5. Dianah Kacunguzi

    I am very dissatisfied with Whatsapp because of so many errors. I first lost all my whatsapp messages last year and couldn’t even restore any history by reinstallation. I had to reset my phone to factory setting (losing even more data) and whatsapp seemed to work fine until last month (April 2017). I have been losing messages every now and then but today I completely lost everything including contacts in my phone. This is so bad, where do our messages go? Are we even safe with our secrets disappearing just like that? This is FRUSTRATING!!!!

  6. Mr Seoke

    This just happened to me as well after I closed every application including whatsapp now the last 2hours messages are gone

  7. Paul pringle

    Most of my messages on chat keep disappearing.how or what must I do to prevent this

  8. IJ

    I just lost all my chats of about 3 years 😭😭😭😭. What sort of app is this? All my memories are gone, just like that??? It asked me to back up and after backing up, all the chats disappeared. Please help me. I need my chats back!!!! 😩😩😩

  9. rajeev namdev

    My all massage automatically deleted , they all massage very important for me. i try to reinstall my whatsapp and click on restore but my old massages not received.
    please suggest how i can get my massage.

  10. Irfan

    My WhatsApp gallery gets deleted on its own why it is happening

  11. Deng

    My phone was running out of batt and has been recharged.
    When I switch on the phone and opened whatsapp ,I found all messages and groups went missing…
    I have tried to follow the suggestions..to uninstall and reinstall the app but I still cant recover the missing messages..
    It is important for me to recover most of the messages but I failed to recover.
    What should I do ?

  12. Mero

    I cant gind my chats on whatsapp they are disappeared and i cant find it so anybody know how yo get it back??!


    So no solution yet…… Nawaz o

  14. mavis

    my Whatsup finish to disapear

  15. gurk

    tonight i realized that the chat between april 6th and 7th (nearly 32 hours) is missing when i exported one my WA groups’ chat. i asked another member of the same group to export the chat and send me. opps! exactly the same interval is missing on his export as well. how and why can this happen. any solution?

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